Slurp 60ml

Blue - Ever tried a raspberry slurpee or blue rapsberry icee? No, well you've been missing out on a great refreshing drink with tons of flavor. The people behind Slurp Blue spent a lot of time getting the perfect blue raspberry extract to recreate the experience minus the brain freeze you would typically get.

Red - The ICEE meets the Slurpe and together they deliver a bomb of cherry flavors in one of the most delicious e-juices you will ever taste. This isn't your typical cherry this is the same legit cherry flavor you've come to enjoy in candies and not the one you can find in cough syrups.

White - is reminiscent of your favorite white slushie (or freezie), with a distinct tropical taste blended for the sweet-tooth's palate. \

Purple - Just like your favorite slushy flavor, this e-juice tastes like a sweet, refreshing, ice cold grape. 

Orange - Orange by Slurp E-Liquid is exactly what it sounds like; a sweet, orange slushy  that tastes strikingly similar to a Orange soda!

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