Refillable devices offer a personal touch

You are able to choose exactly what nicotine level you would like in your e-liquid (0-20 mg), customize your e-liquid flavour to your liking and adjust the intensity of vapor you receive from your device when inhaling. 

Refillable devices require a small amount of maintenance,

 (refilling throughout the day, recharging, changing pod/coil when necessary)

they keep the user in control of their vaping experience while also being the more cost effective route.  

Disposable devices keep it simple

There are 3 different types of disposable devices on the market currently: 

  • Disposable Device

dispose of when indicator light flashes

  • Rechargeable Disposable Device 

rechargeable, dispose of when indicator light flashes or tastes burnt

  • Disposable Pod Device

rechargeable battery, dispose of pod when it tastes burnt

The main appeal of disposable devices is that they require little to no maintenance, other than charging. Something to note about disposable vaping products is that they are only available in set nicotine levels (typically 20 mg) which limits the user if they want to reduce their nicotine level in the future.

The main difference you will find between the two nicotine types is the harshness

Our e-liquid is available in both salt and regular nicotine in levels of 1 mg - 20 mg OR nicotine free. 

1 mg salt nicotine = 1 mg of regular nicotine (in terms of nicotine content)

 Salt nicotine is smoother in higher levels (10 mg - 20 mg) which makes it appealing for those who may require a higher amount of nicotine throughout the day, but aren’t looking for the added harshness or ‘throat hit' when they vape.  

Regular nicotine gets noticeable harsher as the nicotine level increases, but will still give the user some added harshness at lower nicotine levels.

Salt nicotine is best for users that are currently consuming nicotine at a high volume, but would still like a smooth puff. 

Regular nicotine is best for users looking to use lower nicotine levels, or would prefer a harsher puff. 

Heavier smokers may prefer 15-20 mg salt nicotine or 9-20 mg regular nicotine.

Lighter smokers may prefer 5-10 mg salt nicotine or 1-9 mg regular nicotine.

You may have to try out a couple different levels before you find the one for you!

Look for the number written next to the Ω

For devices with coils:

On the coil itself

For devices with pods:

On the bottom of the pod

This refers to the ratio of VG/PG in your e-liquid

The higher the VG, the thicker your e-liquid will be.  

70/30 is best for high wattage devices 

60/40 is best for pod style devices

50/50 is best for very low wattage devices 

You can find the ratio of the liquid you already have by taking a look at the bottom left of the label for 30ml bottles or the top right of the label for 60ml/120ml bottles.

Mint refers to classic e-liquid flavours like peppermint or spearmint.

Menthol is a cold and powerful flavour that will have a prominent taste when added to e-liquid.

Ice will give your e-liquid a subtle chill without impacting the flavour. 

Potential causes include:

  • Not using the recommended e-liquid ratio for coil/pod
  • Setting device wattage higher/lower than what is recommended for current coil
  • ‘Chain vaping’ or excessive consecutive use of device

Currently there are 3 separate taxes applied to vaping products in Canada:

These are compounding taxes and stack upon each other. 

Excise Tax (Included in base price)  - Only for products that contain e-liquid, $5/first 10mls + $1/every additional 10mls 

VPT (20%)  - Only applies to residents of NL (Local orders only) 

PST/HST - Applies based on the province you order from for shipped orders. (15% for NL residents)

For any other questions or concerns come see us in store or give us a call at 888-975-4538!