Federal Excise Tax

As of October 1 we cannot mix any new e-liquids until we get our excise stamps, however we have pre-mixed many popular AV E-Liquid flavors / strengths / bottle sizes over the past few months that should last quite a while. Those are available as usual at the same price until December 31st. If it's available on the website it is available in store as well.

As soon as we get our excise stamps (estimated late October) we will be able to mix new custom e-liquids as before, but they will require the new stamps and tax.

As for pods and disposables, our suppliers have pre-manufactured months worth of stock and we are well stocked. We can sell these at current prices without the stamps and tax until December 31st.

When our stock of AV E-liquid products runs out, and we cannot get more pods/disposables from suppliers, all newly manufactured products will require the stamp and tax. As a result, supplies of non-stamped pre-manufactured AV E-Liquid, and 3rd party pods and disposables will be increasingly limited between Oct 1 and Dec 31, 2022.

On Jan 1, 2023 ALL E-LIQUID PRODUCTS will have the new stamps and tax. It will be illegal for us to sell you any pre-manufactured e-liquid products. The government will require us to dispose of these products.

More Info:
The Canadian federal government has introduced a new excise tax that will require every e-liquid bottle, pre-filled pod, or disposable device sold within Canada to be excise-duty stamped (similar to the excise stickers found on tobacco and cannabis).

How much is it?
  • $1 per 2mL of the first 10mL of e-liquid (or pod, or disposable) effectively $5 on the first 10mL of a bottle.
  • $1 per 10mL above the first 10mL.
This will effectively add $7 in tax on a 30mL bottle, $10 in tax on a 60mL bottle, and $16 in tax on a 120mL bottle.

When does it start?:
Manufacturers will have to start duty-stamping products MANUFACTURED on or after October 1st, 2022.

Over the last couple months we have been working hard to batch mix a wide variety of bottles of our most popular e-liquid flavours in a variety of nicotine strengths and sizes. We have also ordered a large variety of pods and disposables. These will be available to purchase in store and online until December 31, 2022 (or until we run out of stock), after which, every product that contains an e-liquid from Avalon Vapor will require an excise duty stamp and the additional tax charge.

Although we have already received our federal license for e-liquid manufacturing, we are currently waiting for our order of excise duty stamps that have been delayed. Many other e-liquid manufacturers across Canada are facing similar situations and are still without excise stamps. We’re hopeful these delays won’t last too long. Once we have received our stamps we will be able to manufacture your custom e-liquids again, however they will have the excise tax included in the price.

What if I import products from outside of Canada?
Canada Border Services Agency and the Canada Revenue Agency have made it clear that any products shipped into Canada from outside Canada will be required to be duty-stamped or considered not legal for sale or import.

Is it Cheaper to smoke?
Absolutely not. Even with this tax, it is still vastly cheaper to vape. A pack-a-day smoker will spend ~$126 on cigarettes vs ~$30 on e-liquid in the same one week period.

What products are affected?
This only affects e-liquid or anything that can be vaped (disposable vapes, pre-filled pod systems such as STLTH, VICE, etc). This does not affect hardware (non-filled, refillable devices sold at Avalon Vapor).

What else is affected?
Unfortunately, aside from the tax increase, our customers will notice some other changes with our services at Avalon Vapor.

We will no longer be able to provide stamp cards for free 30mL bottles. We are evaluating a new customer loyalty program to help our customers save while shopping with Avalon Vapor.

We will also be eliminating the free bottle of e-liquid with the purchase of a kit. We will adjust the prices of all of our hardware to account for this.

Although an increase in prices of e-liquid is not ideal, and we wish that we could offer our customers products without such a significant tax burden, we must remain compliant with federal regulations. If you have any questions about the upcoming federal excise tax please reach out to us and we will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

According to numerous studies, vaping is a much safer alternative than continuing to smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes, and even with this new tax, still a significantly more cost effective way to consume nicotine